Thursday, February 26, 2009

kali + neil collabo.

Kali and I collaborate on shoots from time to time. 
Here are a few shots of our friend Val.

Kali and Val met in Hawaii, and I know them both from here in California.
Funny, huh?


lil behind the scenes shot c/o kali

cromwell | universal

Here are some promos I shot last week. I would have posted them sooner, but I've been super busy shooting & printing my content for an upcoming exhibition @ the Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum (the flyer for the show is a few posts below, check it out!). Also I've been busy gathering and sorting images for my NEW WEBSITE! Hopefully the new site will be up in the near future.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

shooting in the rain.

I shot some promos on sunday afternoon. My phone said there was a 40% chance of rain, but we decided to shoot anyways. I'm glad we did, it only drizzled lightly, we were lucky.

Lately I've been incorporating more natural light into my work.
These promos were shot using a combination of natural & artificial light.

Assisted by Mike Ng

Moving Units + theKNUX (live)

Here are a few photos from a recent glasshouse show that I shot.
Shooting live shows is always a fun change from shooting staged photos. Live shows are so spontaneous and un-choreographed (usually), you never know what you'll end up with.

Friday, February 6, 2009


This is the flyer I made for a show we played last night in Long Beach.
I designed it and felt it was blog-worthy.
photo: Brady P.

1st exhibition of 2009.

My new year's resolution was to shoot more fine art.
So far in 2009 I have been shooting tons of fine art (as well as commercial).
It's only fitting that I show some of my work, right?
This should be a really good show, THE David Flores ATC is in it.