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Shot this studio set over the weekend. I basically went the whole summer without using artificial light (by choice). As a result of the time apart from each other, I've been itching to shoot with strobes, aahah. I was super pleased with what I got, and I'm stoked on my new MUA & Hair Stylist. This was the 1st shoot we've worked on together. We have a ton of ideas brewing, can't wait to get to work on them.

MUA: Kali Erin | Young Buff
Hair: Jefferson | Barracuda Salon
Models: Taryn + Val

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Acrylick Fall/Holiday 2009 Lookbook

A couple weeks back, I photographed the Acrylick Fall/Holiday 2009 Lookbook. I shot the entire set with natural/available light and I'm stoked on the result. Thanks to the good people at Acrylick for taking care of me and thanks to everyone who helped out. Below are a few of my favorites, a tear-sheet, and a video from the shoot (see if you can spot me). Check it out and let me know what you guys think.

Styling: Angela Agustin
Makeup: Valerie Vanprisk
Hair: Erica Pasillas
Coordinator: Joel Mendoza

late tuesday night: val + sarah + rachel.

I love how nothing turns into something.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tattoo Hollywood, Tattoo Convention

My friends David Flores ATC + Frankie (Classic Tattoo Studio), as well as Brian Seghers (Six Feet Under), had a couple booths at the recent "Tattoo Hollywood" convention. I went and hung out all weekend, snapped some photos, watched them tattoo + get tattooed, did some people watching, and ate a ton of food. Check out the photos, and look them up if you're looking to get tattooed in the Southern California area.

Kona Val.

As I mentioned in my entry below "Val on Melrose", I shot some content for an exhibition. Here are two more that slipped through the blog-cracks, ahaha.

Val on Melrose.

I shot this set a few months back for an exhibition I was in at the Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum. I printed them, mounted them, added them to my website... but for some reason, I never blogged em. Enjoy.