Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SPLIT Women's Collection

After a few season's off, and under new ownership, SPLIT is officially making a comeback. They recently hired me to shoot both their 2011 Men's & Women's collection. We shot the Women's collection on location at this awesome antique warehouse in Los Angeles. The staff was extremely accommodating to our needs, and kept their doors open for us, as the shoot went on into the evening. The owner was awesome, so awesome that he insisted I use an antique movie light (continuous light) that he had in store. This thing was ancient, must have been from the 30's or 40's, it was massive. Looked like something that came off the Titanic.

The new collection is fairly large, so I opted to mix up the vibe by shooting in various, distinct styles (opposed to a single, cohesive look). I'm stoked with what we ended up, considering the shooting conditions were a photographers nightmare: cramped + low available light.

Below is a BTS video from the shoot, and some of my favorites from the day. To see more, click HERE. I'll be posting the men's collection soon!