Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beryl Park.

One of my best friends was down from San Francisco, visiting So-Cal. He's also a photographer, and wanted a few tips on shooting with strobes, so we met up yesterday to shoot some photos. We ended up going to a park near my parents house, because it was getting late and I wanted to catch the sunset. While setting up my gear, a homeless man (James) rides up on his bike and starts asking what were doing, why were doing it, etc... We end up talking for a min, that min quickly turns into a 30min portrait/conversation session. James talked my ear off and told me some CRAZY stories (sorry, the stories aren't exactly blog-friendly). Turns out we both graduated from the same high school?! Crazy! Anyways, he was a super cool dood. He gave me his email and said he would keep an eye our for the photos. Hopefully his email account is active, I think he'd be stoked to see these.

James Bradley Montgomery